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Fashion Tips: Why men love the clutch bags  Fashion  Pulse

Why men love the cluctch bags READ ALSO: Stylish Naa Ashokor looks beautiful in these photos The trend even became more popular when some public figures went in for the clutch to complete your appearances. The clutch is multifaceted and could be sent to every occasion.  It has a way of spelling out class when rocked even with the simplest outfit. Interestingly, you can carry it around without having nothing in it. One practical advice I would offer to people who want to pick on this trend would be, opt for a clutch with a strap. This lets your hand rest from gripping the bag and reduces fatigue. It can still look very sharp and will help to avoid dropping the bag. If you admire this trend from a distance but fear it would exude less confidence and machismo then you have it all twisted, it strengthens one’s masculinity if used appropriately.

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